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The Hudsons Scraper Broom – an Australian-made, precision-engineered tool designed for tradesmen worldwide. Combining a scraper with a broom, it effortlessly tackles tough debris during sweeping.


Crafted with over 20 years of construction experience, it features a stainless-steel blade seamlessly embedded into the broom head.


Proudly Australian made and owned, this innovative product ensures durability, with a glass-filled Poly Propylene head, a mix of soft and stiff Poly Propylene bristles, and a 304 stainless-steel blade. Completing a high-impact, heavy-duty, and top-quality solution for efficient floor cleaning, especially on concrete surfaces.


Choose the Hudsons Scraper Broom for a superior cleaning experience, backed by the assurance of quality.


For any large or distributor orders please contact us.

Hudsons Scraper Broom (head only)

    • Head – Glass filled Poly Propylene – Weight 1.1kg

    • Bristles – Poly Propylene both soft and stiff.

    • Blade – 304 Stainless-steel

    • Handle - NOT INCLUDED

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